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BBDSP "Mean Green" Edition 1.01

BBDSP "Mean Green" Edition 1.01

BBDSP "Mean Green" Edition Publisher's Description

A chromatic musical instrument tuner capable of running alongside your digital audio workstation (DAW) software. A tone generator that is adjustable to any frequency to tune by ear. A metronome supporting simple beat patterns. The tuner captures audio signals through standard Windows device I/O that allows you to plug into virtually any audio input device interface, including standard line and mic in. BlackBall's tuner is a fast and efficient chromatic tuning audio capture application that uses DirectSound to capture audio signal from the audio hardware in your computer. The captured signal is translated into notes and displayed on your computers screen to assist in the tuning of musical instruments or vocals. The tuner provides precise accuracy of an audio signal with a +/-1% margin of error, compared to the best competitors +/-3% margin of error. Plug a guitar's cable into the supplied 1/4" to 1/8" converter input line of your audio hardware. Launch the tuner and ensure that the application is getting signal. Tune your guitar as you would with any standard tuner. The tuner also works through your standard microphone line in as well for non-cabled instruments and vocals. The tuner utilizes the standard MS-Windows ASIO Driver interface. Most low-end, mid-range, and high-end digital audio I/O boxes utilize this audio device driver standard, and will work seamlessly with the tuner. Even the standard Mic and line in 1/8" ports are compatible with the tuner. The tuner is a stand-alone 32-bit Windows application. As a result, the tuner is compatable with and can be used simultaneously with most popular Digital Audio Workstations. The tuner has a built in mini mode designed specifically to minimize the amount of screen real estate consumsed, so the tuner can work right along side your favorite DAW software. Users can simply double click on the title bar and the user interface can easily be viewed from a distance.

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